Typical cooking is natural: this is the key. We have genuine meat,cooked over charcoal and wrapped up in green myrtle branch, pickled vegetables, toasted home made bread with bacon fat andsausage, the  so-called ” su pane untinau” ; home  made pasta, served with wild boar meat sauce, or hare sauce, with sausages or mushrooms. And then home made cheese; dressed pork productssuch as bacon fat, bacon,  streaky bacon, seasoned sausage: all without preservatives.  We use only our Ancients’ experience to preserve food with natural methods, by using olive oil, salt and vinegar. We are also good cooking some typical sweets like amaretti, papassinos, aranzadas, pirichittos, seadas and sas cogones d’elda.  At  the  end of the meal you can savour a glass of myrtle liqueur, the real taste of Sardinia.